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About Us.

Vitabrava was created out of a love of nature, a respect for science and a desire to combine the benefits of both in a new range of everyday haircare.


It’s what’s on the inside that counts. That’s why inside every bottle of Vitabrava there is a powerhouse of key ingredients that work in harmony to unlock the natural beauty of all types of hair and for every need.


But what’s not inside counts too. We don’t believe in adding excessive amounts of fragrance to mask the smell of harsh chemicals because we don’t have much to hide. Nor do we like cutting corners by packing our formulations with lots of bulking agents. We don’t use parabens or silicones and we have a high natural content percentage in our products. This means you can use Vitabrava every day with confidence.


For healthy hair inside and out, make the switch to Vitabrava.


Vitabrava is the newest brand by Sapona Limited, a company that has been developing and delivering haircare and skincare products for leading retailers for more than 20 years.

From creating delicate formulations for babies and children to high performance mature skincare lines, Sapona has the expertise in making top quality products that address a wide range of specific needs.


Sapona believes everyone deserves skincare and haircare products that deliver results you can see, but don’t create needless waste, use harsh chemicals or are priced out of reach of the everyday customer.


In other words: we make effective products that don’t cost the earth.

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